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Since 1914, the White House Correspondents' Association™ has operated independently of the White House and the White House credentialing process. We intend for the White House Correspondents' Association to remain independent of that process.

Consistent with the First Amendment, the White House Correspondents' Association stands for inclusiveness in the credentialing process so that the White House remains accessible to all journalists. We hope that individual episodes do not obscure the broader principles of a fair and evenhanded credentialing process that serves the goal of free and full exchange of information.


Margaret Talev is Senior White House Correspondent for Bloomberg. She has covered the White House since 2009 and covered Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Before joining Bloomberg in 2011, she reported for McClatchy Newspapers and the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles Times and the Tampa Tribune, and also covered Congress and politics in Florida and California. She is past president of the Washington Press Club Foundation. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park. She and her family live in Maryland.

Olivier Knox is Chief Washington Correspondent for Yahoo News, covering the White House, politics and foreign policy. Before joining Yahoo in 2012, he reported for Agence France-Presse. He covered the George W. Bush administration, the impeachment and acquittal of President Bill Clinton and the 2000 election. He has a bachelor's degree from Columbia and a master's from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He grew up in Middlebury, Vermont, and Paris. He and his wife and son live just outside of Washington.

Jon Decker is White House Correspondent for Fox News Radio and has covered the White House since 1995. He worked previously for Reuters, SiriusXM Radio and PBS Television, where he hosted "This Week in Business." Earlier he served as a business reporter for the NBC affiliate in Washington and as a field producer for NBC in Miami. He is an adjunct journalism professor at Georgetown University. A Washington native, he received bachelor's and master's degrees with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, and a J.D. from the George Washington University Law School.

Julie Pace is chief White House correspondent for The Associated Press. She has covered the White House and presidential politics for AP since 2007. She is a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

Zeke Miller is a correspondent for TIME covering the White House and national politics. He previously was the first White House correspondent at BuzzFeed and extensively covered the 2012 presidential campaign. Prior to that, he covered politics for Business Insider. A New York native, he graduated from Yale University where he was an editor and reporter at the Yale Daily News.

Alicia Jennings is Senior White House Producer for NBC News, having covered the White House since 2003. Since 2009 she manages a team of NBC correspondents and producers on the White House beat. She joined NBC in 1998 as a researcher for "Meet the Press." She has also produced the television pool coverage of the 2008 Republican convention, the 2012 Democratic convention, and the 2013 Presidential Inaugural. She holds a bachelor's degree in government from Dartmouth College. She and her husband and two children live in Maryland.

Jonathan Karl has been the Chief White House Correspondent for ABC News since 2012. Karl has reported on the White House on and off for two decades. He has also covered Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and the State Department. Prior to working for ABC, he reported for CNN, New York Post, and The New Republic. He has reported on every presidential campaign since 1996. He is a graduate of Vassar College and lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters.

Doug Mills has worked for The New York Times since 2002. He was previously chief photographer for The Associated Press in Washington and worked for United Press International. He won a Pulitzer Prize for photography with AP for team coverage of the Clinton/Gore campaign and a second Pulitzer Prize for photography with AP for team coverage of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. He is a multiple awardee of the White House News Photographers Association. He is a native of Greensboro, N.C. He studied at Northern Virginia Community College and is married with two daughters.

Todd J. Gillman is Washington bureau chief of The Dallas Morning News. He's a past president of the Regional Reporters Association and serves on the national board of Sigma Delta Chi, the Society of Professional Journalists' sister foundation. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, and received his master's in public policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He is married with three children


For additional information regarding membership and the regulations governing the association, please consult the WHCA™ BY-LAWS, which are available on the MEMBERSHIP page.


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Presidents of the White House Correspondents' Association, at a reception marking the association's centennial.

photos of presidents of the WHCAClick image to enlarge. Photo/Matthew d''Agostino, WHHA

Top row left to right: Laurence McQuillan 97-98; Mark S. Smith 05-06; Thomas M. DeFrank 82-83; George E. Condon Jr. 93-94; Steven Thomma 13-14; Carol Lee 15-16; Terence Hunt 96-97; Steve Holland 01-02; Bill Plante 86-87; Gary F. Schuster 85-86; Stewart Powell 98-99.

Bottom row left to right: Laurence O'Rourke 76-77; Steve Scully 06-07; Carl Cannon 03-04; Ann Compton 07-08; Arlene Dillon 00-01; Executive Director Julia Whiston, Carl Leubsdorf 95-96; Susan Page 99-00; Charles Bierbauer 91-92; Edwin Chen 09-10; James R. Gerstenzang 83-84; Kenneth T. Walsh 94-95.



View photos of the 4/30/14 reception and panel discussion at Decatur House. Photos by Matthew d'Agostino, WHHA Slideshow page will open in a new window or tab. The computer-based slideshow requires Flash, and an alternate non-Flash version for mobile devices.

Washington, DC, Sunday, May 18, 2014

This year marks the centennial of the founding of the White House Correspondents’ Association. As part of their celebration, the Association hosted an event with former press secretaries of both the Clinton administration and the Ford administration, including Dee Dee Myers, Mike McCurry and Ron Nessen. They discussed their experiences in the White House, the difficulties of the job and how the position has changed over time. You can watch the full panel discussion on C-SPAN.


WHCA President Margaret Talev and former President Jeff Mason, Photo/Doug Mills

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2017-2018 Margaret Talev, Bloomberg

2016-2017 Jeff Mason, Reuters

2015-2016 Carol Lee, Wall Street Journal

2014-2015 Christi Parsons, Tribune Company

2013-2014 Steven Thomma, McClatchy

2012-2013 Ed Henry, Fox News

2011-2012 Caren Bohan, Reuters

2010-2011 David Jackson, USA Today

2009-2010 Edwin Chen, Bloomberg

2008-2009 Jennifer Loven, Associated Press

2007-2008 Ann Compton, ABC News

2006-2007 Steve Scully, C-SPAN

2005-2006 Mark Smith, Associated Press TV and Radio

2004-2005 Ron Hutcheson, Knight Ridder

2003-2004 Carl Cannon, National Journal

2002-03 Bob Deans, Cox Newspapers

2001-02 Steve Holland, Reuters

2000-01 Arlene Dillon, CBS News

1999-00 Susan Page, USA Today

1998-99 Stewart Powell, Hearst Newspapers

1997-98 Laurence McQuillan, Reuters

1996-97 Terence Hunt, Associated Press

1995-96 Carl P. Leubsdorf, Dallas Morning News

1994-95 Kenneth T. Walsh, U.S. News and World Report

1993-94 George E. Condon Jr., Copley News Service

1992-93 Karen Hosler, Baltimore Sun

1991-92 Charles Bierbauer, Cable News Network

1990-91 Robert M. Ellison, Sheridan Broadcasting

1989-90 Johanna Neuman, USA TODAY

1988-89 Jeremiah O'Leary, Washington Times

1987-88 Norman D. Sandler, United Press International

1986-87 Bill Plante, CBS News

1985-86 Gary F. Schuster, CBS News

1984-85 Sara Fritz, Los Angeles Times

1983-84 James R. Gerstenzang, Associated Press

1982-83 Thomas M. DeFrank, Newsweek

1981-82 Clifford Evans, RKO General Broadcasting

1980-81 Robert C. Pierpoint, CBS News

1979-80 Ralph Harris, Reuters

1978-79 Aldo Beckman, Chicago Tribune

1977-78 Paul F. Healy, New York Daily News

1976-77 Lawrence M. O'Rourke, Philadelphia Bulletin

1975-76 Helen Thomas, United Press International

1974-75 James Deakin, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

1973-74 Ted Knap, Scripps Howard Newspapers

1972-73 Edgar A. Poe, New Orleans Times-Picayune

1971-72 John P. Sutherland, U.S. News and World Report

1970-71 Peter Lisagor, Chicago Daily News  

1969-70 Charles W. Bailey II, Minneapolis Tribune

1968-69 Carroll Kilpatrick, Washington Post

1967-68 Frank Cormier, Associated Press

1966-67 Robert E. Thompson, Hearst Newspapers

1964-66 Alan L. Otten, Wall Street Journal

1963-64 Merriman Smith, United Press International

1962-63 Robert Roth, Philadelphia Bulletin

1961-62 William H.Y. Knighton Jr., Baltimore Sun

1959-61 Garnett D. Horner, Washington Star

1958-59 Marvin Arrowsmith, Associated Press

1956-58 Francis M. Stephenson, New York Daily News

1955-56 Laurence H. Burd, Chicago Tribune

1954-55 Anthony H. Leviero, New York Times

1953-54 Robert J. Donovan, New York Herald Tribune

1950-53 Carlton Kent, Chicago Sun-Times

1949-50 Robert G. Nixon, International News Service

1948-49 Ernest B. Vaccaro, Associated Press

1947-48 Felix Belair Jr., New York Times

1946-47 Edward T. Folliard, Washington Post

1945-46 Joseph A. Fox, Washington Star

1944-45 Merriman Smith, United Press Associations

1943-44 Paul Wooten, New Orleans Times-Picayune

1942-43 Douglas B. Cornell, Associated Press

1942     John C. Henry, Washington Star

1941-42 John C. O'Brien, Philadelphia Inquirer

1940-41 Thomas F. Reynolds, United Press Associations

1940    Felix Belair Jr., New York Times

1938-40 Earl Godwin, Washington Times

1937-38 Walter J. Trohan, Chicago Tribune

1936-37 Frederick J. Storm, United Press Associations

1935-36 Albert J. Warner, New York Herald Tribune

1934-35 Francis M. Stephenson, Associated Press

1933-34 George E. Durno, International News Service

1931-33 Paul R. Mallon, syndicated columnist

1930-31 Lewis Wood, New York Times

1929-30 Wilbur Forrest, New York Herald Tribune

1928-29 J. Russell Young, Washington Star

1927-28 John T. Lambert, Universal Service

1926-27 John Edwin Nevin, Washington Post

1925-26 George E. Durno, International News Service

1924-25 Isaac Gregg, New York Sun

1923-24 E. Ross Bartley, Associated Press

1922-23 J. Russell Young, Washington Star

1921-22 Frank R. Lamb, Washington Star

1914-20 W.W. Price, Washington Star





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